Monday, July 5, 2010

Breast Cancer

Did you know that every 13 minutes, an American woman dies of breast cancer!!!!!!
That is horrible and preventable by diet, exercise and supplements...Eat a healthy low fat diet ladies and get in your 30 minutes of cardio every day...Buy BPA-free water bottles/plastics...BPA is found in everything from plastics to epoxies to interior coating in many cans...more than 200 studies show links beween low doses of BPA and cancer, according to the Breast Cancer Fund...
Cancer fighters---Cruciferous veges such as broccoli and cabbage (in particular brocoli sprouts) are cancer fighting....flax seed oil...two anti-cancer herbs are green tea extract and curcumin(turmeric).
Other supplements that have shown risk-reduction possibilities of cancer are (1) vitamin D-3--reduction by 20%, (2) folic acid (B vitamin) - 44% risk reduction, (3) carotenoids, (4) pomegranate-high in antioxidants, and (5) black cohosh-61% reduction in risk..
It is summer time so eat your fresh veges and fruits with whole grains.....
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